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The Dakota Country Band News

Today the Dakota Country Band has an all star group of seasoned musicians that have played around the world with Legends of Country. Dakota Country Music and is led by every band member  because all the members are the star of the show.
Billy Wayne started Dakota Country in the 70's. Billy sings lead vocals and is playing Bass. Billy played with Roger Miller, Eddie Rabbit, Faron Young and many more over the years. On steel guitar, lead guitar, banjo and other stringed instruments is Joaquin Osborne and also sings lead vocals and harmony. On lead guitar, led vocals and harmony vocals is the beautiful  Debbie Corneal. And on Drums is Jon Corneal. Jon has played with many top bands over the yers. He is a fine singer who played with The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers,Gram Parsons, Jim Stafford, The Wilburn Brothers, The Glaser Brothers, Kitty Wells, Connie Smith, Loretta Lynn and many more and is a fine vocalist therefore The Dakota Country combined with The Jon and Debbie Corneal show will be an all star band with pure four part vocals in perfect harmony.

Band Bio:
Billy Wayne on Bass guitar and lead vocals started in the music business in the late 50's as a teen.  Billy plays guitar, fiddle, bass, piano and several other instruments.
Joaquin Osborne on Steel Guitar.
Noels’ first taste of music was literally that! At the age of 18 months his father placed a 25 cent harmonica in his mouth and away he went. Soon “Little brown Jug” was being heard around the house without ceasing. But his father didn’t mind at all, in fact, being a musician himself, he knew that Noel would have the gift and named him after his two favorite inspirations, Noel Boggs, and Joaquin Murphy. His father, Elton “Lucky” Osborne received his nickname from Jimmy Wakely for chain smoking Lucky cigarettes which left quite a few nicotine stains on his National 8 string double neck steel.
When Noel turned 4 years of age he received his first stringed instrument, a four string Gibson tenor guitar and in fifteen minutes, “Lucky” had him playing “Born to Lose” complete with a Speedy West lick or two. Later in 1955, Noel had his first encounter with Leo Fenders’ new “Stratocaster” in a shop in Fullerton California. Seeing the twinkle in Noels’ eye, Lucky asked the shop owner to let his son have a test drive. Thinking that Noels’ little hands couldn’t grasp the neck properly, He was soon surprised to see Noel playing the boogie woogie using his thumb to overcome the necks width. And not long after that Noel received his first six string guitar and although it wasn’t the “Stratocaster”, he still loved that old Harmony arch top acoustic and hardly ever gave it a days rest.
To say Noel started out playing for peanuts was no understatement. Lucky would take him to the honky tonks and sit him on the bar where he played and entertained the patrons in exchange for a coke and a bag of peanuts. Soon he was on stage at Luckys’ gigs playing the breaks for tips. And from Tex Williams Village in Simi Valley California to The Starlight Ballroom in Amarillo Texas, Lucky showed him the ropes; the biz was in his blood.
At age 16 Noel struck out on his own and met a new friend who had just started “Pharaoh Productions” a concert promotions company in Los Angeles where Noel would soon be working with such luminaries as Ike and Tina Turner, Eric Burdon and War, Alice Cooper, Lee Michaels, Deep Purple, The Moody Blues and many more. Needless to say this experience broadened his musical roots to include a love for rock as well as the blues, which served him well, for in the days to come “Progressive Country” would peak its head over the horizon and his versatility would soon be in demand.
In the early 70’s after returning home to Amarillo Texas, Noel was playing up a storm with the locals such as Alvin Crow, Johnny “Reverb” Holston, Scott “Chuck Roast” Nelson, Bob “The Kid” Flescher, Phillip Fajardo and when the occasional Lubbock boys came to town the jams went on literally for days. But it wasn’t long before the knock came on the door and the summons to Austin had arrived. Rick Crow (Alvin’s brother), Dave Apke (soon to be Kenneth Threadgills drummer) requested Noels presence and convinced him to “get in the truck we’re going to Austin!” and away they went.
Noel soon found Austin to be a “Pickers Paradise” and promptly settled in to find it a new and very rewarding experience. Since his grab bag of talent not only included playing lead and rhythm guitar but also harmonica, drums, bass, lap guitar as well as straight and pedal steel, Noel was called on as a utility man on more than one occasion. In fact his first real Austin exposure was with a band he helped form called “Wholly Katz” and was the utility man and one of the lead singers. For a while the band grew in popularity and drew in its audience the likes of both Jimmy and a young Stevie Ray Vaughn, who were always more than welcome to get up and sit in. From there it only got better for Noel and he went on to find himself involved with many more exciting projects such as; Kenneth Threadgill, Willis Allen Ramsey, Sammy Smith, Jimmy Dale Court (Jimmy Rogers grandson), a tour with Jack Green and Jeanie Sealy, Blaze Foley, Jimmy Carl Black, Jimi Mac, Kent Findley, Monty Montgomery, Ricky Cardwell, Arkie Blue and many others. Some friends and fellow pickers include Herb Steiner, Bert Rivera, Josh Dubin, Ronnie Huckabie, Jr.Pernada, Dusty Britches, Terri Hendrix, Alvin Crow, Scott Walls, Phillip Fajardo, Maggie Montgomery and Robert Earl Keen all of which Noel has had the pleasure of playing with and is always ready, grateful and looking forward to again, anytime, anywhere! Now the time has come with The Dakota Country Band.
Debbie Corneal is married to famous drummer Jon Corneal. She plays lead guitar and has played with Jon Corneal since their marriage in 1981. She is a great vocalist and lead guitar and has been the heart of the Jon and Debbie Corneal show In her career she has done radio and television and videos. A singer/songwriter and top musician.
Jon Corneal is known as one of the best drummers in history. He is a great vicalist whether singing Traditional Country or Rock. Being a founding member of The Byrds, Gram Parsons, The Flying Boretto Brothers Band or playing with The Glaser Brothers or several other bands Jon is  pro's pro. There is no better drummer or singer/songwriter.


Tour Dates:
October 23, 2010                                                      Moose Lodge, Pine Island , Florida.

Dakota Country P.O. Box 366, Matlacha, Fl 33993 Phone 727-859-3816