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History of Billy Wayne and his Dakota Country Band
Billy Wayne has been in the music business and started playing music as a professional at the age of 15. The first paying gig that Billy Wayne had was working with LLoyd Wheeler fiddle player who worked with the Bob Wills band. Billy Wayne played bass and steel and lead with LLoyd. On steel was Lucky Osborne who worked with Spade Coley and many other bands in the 50's.
In the 50's and early 60's Billy Wayne's only job was school and playing music  at least five days a week. Billy Wayne joined the Marine Corps in 1963 and after returning in '67 Billy Wayne started his career again. Playing music on the road with many bands.
In the late 50's Billy Wayne met his friend Roger Miller who moved to Amarillo from Oklahoma and worked at the Fire Department and played music nights.  Charlie Fach signed Roger to Mercury Records and his career took off with a string of several hits in the 60's. Roger was a multi-talented artist who played several instruments besides being a winning song writer. When Billy Wayne played with Roger he had no idea how far Roger would go in the music business.
In the late 60's Billy Wayne was working shows on the east coast when he met Eddie Rabbit. Eddie played several music Jamboree shows where several bands would compete. When Billy Wayne met Eddie Rabbit , Billy realized that Eddie had potential as a song writer and singer. Elvis recorded Kentucky Rain written by Eddie and the rest was history. Ronnie Milsap played keys and did back/up vocals on that cut.
Billy Wayne over the last  48 years has played with some of the greats in the music business. In the 70's Billy Wayne started Associated Artists Management and AAM Records in Nashville.
Assiciated Artists Management is a full service booking agency and management company with recording studios under contract and also video production capabilities  Go to the web
Billy Wayne has opened an office in Florida and has recording studio's in Tampa and video production studio there and the studio's under contract in Nashville.  Associated  Artists Management and AAM Records do all business out of Nashville Tennesee.

After many years in the music business there is no slowing down for Billy Wayne and the Dakota Country Band. Billy Wayne is 63 this year and has the energy of a 20 year old .......sometimes.
Music is a way of life. Billy Wayne has found that the happiest times are when makeing a good project work and Associated Artists Management is growing and expanding around the world.

Billy Wayne is the example of the term "never give up". Three years ago Billy Wayne had an operation which removed his cancer and thank God the cancer did not return. A series of heart attack's and last May had a major attack and actually died in hospital but the medical staff was able to revive Billy, thank you to the Integris Hospital in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma "I'm Back".
I want to thank God for the energy and the renewed health. I have more energy every day and am Blessed and am moving foreward and will grow AAM into all it can be. Thank you friends and fans.

We will be recording new artists in the new studio under construction to open the first of September in Ft. Myers, Florida. The studio is going to be for our Latin Artists and also new artists. The winners of the International Star Competitions will record there and in Nashville as well.

What a job!

Associated Artists Management is a full service entertainment company. We are capable of taking an artist from beginning to the top. This year is the year for Billy Wayne and Dakota Country to perpare for the most expansive tour ever all around the world. Those are the plans at present. To manage the Agency, AAM Records and all happening with The International Star TV Show is a full time undertaking. Associated Artists Management is in the process of expanding our services and concentrating on the artists that we have on our roster. Look for new beginnings in 2010 and there on.


AAM Records will be expanding their talent roster this year.  We hope to expand and open the door for International Artists from the TV Show. Watch the web of Associated Artists Management and AAM Records for updates.

Billy Wayne and Associated Artists are growing and will continue throught the years.

Dakota Country P.O. Box 366, Matlacha, Fl 33993 Phone 727-859-3816